Care "Down There" Treatments for the Bikini Area

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Achieving a smooth, stubble-free bikini line may be challenging, but it's not impossible. With summer in full swing, grooming this sensitive area is a must. All it takes is a few tricks to help you avoid redness, itchiness and ingrown hairs for good. We offer customized Care “Down There” treatments for the bikini area to help you keep your bikini line smooth all summer long.

Prepping for Shaving

If you’ve yet to accomplish a close shave when it comes to your bikini line, prepping your skin with a silky shaving oil might be the missing link. This keeps the area soft, which will create the ideal surface when you run your razor across for a speedy shave.

Hydrating irritation-prone areas before shaving is the best way to avoid irritating bumps and ingrown hairs. If shaving is your preference, choose a razor and conditioning shaving cream that works double duty. A high-quality razor with a thick lather works wonders even on the most sensitive of skin.

If you prefer, an electric trimmer with precision tools also gets the job done. Since there many different types, be sure to do your homework before you buy one. And even though they can be used wet and dry, it's still a good idea to prep your skin beforehand.

Healing Power of Green Tea

Green tea is known for its healing powers, so if you’re constantly plagued by ingrown hairs and looking for treatments for the bikini area, you can try green tea extract pads. Not only do they soothe the area, but they also get rid of the bumps completely.

Professional Treatments

Even with the most careful of preps, you can still have ingrown hairs. To ensure precise results and the lowest chance of ingrown hairs possible, you can seek professional treatments for the bikini area at our center. Our professional Care "Down There" treatments, for example, are designed to alleviate ingrown hairs and the marks that they tend to leave in the bikini area. We also offer laser hair removal, which can permanently reduce hair growth in the area.

Cleanliness Counts

Regardless of how you remove unwanted hair, make cleanliness your top priority. Nothing causes an infection or painful ingrown hairs faster than a dirty razor. Never let a razor sit in the bath or shower. Opt for a razor stand to keep your razors pristine and free of rust. And above all else, never share razors.

Prepping for your summer vacation in your new bikini doesn't need to be painful. Whether you remove your unwanted hair at home or choose one of our professional Care “Down There” treatments for the bikini area at True Skin Care Center, you can keep your bikini line smooth and free of painful bumps when you take the right steps. Contact our office in Chicago to schedule your consultation and learn more about your options!

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