Stretch Marks: The Cause and Cure

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The Cause

The irony of stretch marks is that they are not entirely caused by stretching, but also, hormonal changes in the body. Pregnant women are more likely to get stretch marks than most other demographics of people due to the hormonal changes happening within their body. Another likely case of stretch marks happens in teenage boys who are developing through puberty. Although teenagers are at high risk, men and women of any age can develop stretch marks, especially if they are going through drastic weight changes or pregnancy.

Stretch marks can come in varying degrees of color: pink, reddish brown, brown, dark brown, faded silver, or white. Luckily there are steps to help stop stretch marks once they start, as well, help rid the body of lasting marks.

The Cure

The best time to stop stretch marks is as soon as you notice them developing. Always moisturizeHealthy skin needs to have strength and elasticity, Moisturizers are a great way to keep skin in top form When stretch marks are detected, it can help to use Tretinoin Retin-A cream. The cream is said to boost collagen production which plays a major part in the forming on stretch marks. Women who are pregnant should not use Retin-A. However, another collagen booster that can work well in conduction with Retin-A or by itself is glycolic acid.

An alpha-hydroxy acid that’s typically found in chemical peels can have a lasting impression on developing stretch marks. The last preventative step when noticing the forming of stretch marks is an increased intake of Vitamin C and E which are both terrific for helping the improvement and strengthening of skin. Try taking in tablet form 500 mg a day.

For a much more effective approach, there are Laser Treatment Options that can remove most of the stretch mark’s discoloration. The laser treatments induce the collagen underneath the skin to repair the damaged area. For fresh stretch marks, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) can be used to reduce the color of the treated area. If the stretch mark is no longer discolored and resembles a silver/white hue, a fractional laser which focuses on resurfacing is a better option. The skin of an old stretch mark can be rough and uneven. Using a fractional laser helps by aiming the laser at the edges of the stretch marks to smooth the surface.

It is advised to start with the aforementioned methods as they can be a much less invasive treatment compared to surgery. Whatever options you choose, it is always best to schedule a consultation to receive a professional opinion on what will work for you.

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