Do Chin Implants Feel Natural?

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Having an underdeveloped chin can negatively affect the shape of your jawline and make your nose look larger than it actually is. If you are interested in achieving a sculpted, attractive chin, you should think about getting chin implants from Steven H Dayan, MD in Chicago, IL. This type of augmentation can harmonize your facial structures and enhance the effect of other aesthetic procedures that you've received.

Do Chin Implants Feel Natural?

A chin augmentation procedure will provide you with a defined, attractive profile, and your implant will look and feel very natural after your recovery period is complete. Before Dr. Steven Dayan augments your chin, he will use his training and experience to select an implant that will match your facial anatomy.

These chin implants can contain many different materials. For example, you might receive an implant that is made out of silicone, dacron, bone, or Teflon. These implants also have an extensive range of unique shapes and sizes. Since your implant will be customized, the improvements in this part of your face will not feel stiff or artificial. Instead, your enhanced chin will feel very realistic.

Why Is My Chin Underdeveloped?

When your chin is less developed than the rest of the features on your face, you might have a condition that is known as retrogenia. This issue occurs when your chin is angled toward the direction of your neck. Your age, family history, and other factors can create this aesthetic problem.

Developing Bone and Tissue Loss

It's very common to develop a receding chin when you get older. As you continue to age, you might lose tissues and bone material in this area of your face. These losses can negatively affect the appearance of your chin.

Considering Your Family History

In many cases, your family history can cause you to be born with an underdeveloped chin. Your genes will impact the structure of your jaw and chin. As a result, if your genetic relatives have recessed chins, you might have a less defined jawline. Usually, this type of recessed chin will not cause you to have chewing problems, speech challenges, or other health issues.

Experiencing Dental Issues

Developing a significant overbite can also change the appearance of your chin. If you often sucked on your thumbs or fingers as a child, your teeth could shift, and you could experience bite problems. These bite issues can cause your chin to recede, and this facial feature may become less defined.

Who Is Eligible for This Type of Implant?

If you are an adult who is in good physical health, you might be eligible for this type of implant. In particular, you might be a good candidate if you would like to balance your facial features, improve your neckline, and enhance your profile. In addition to being a generally healthful person, you should have a realistic idea about the likely impact of your chin procedure.

To ensure that you meet these requirements, you will need to set up a meeting with Dr. Steven Dayan before you augment your chin. He will carefully analyze the condition of your chin, jawline, and other facial structures during this important appointment. In addition, he will talk about your medical history and allergies. If you have a large amount of bone loss in your chin or have other issues that affect your jaw, you might not be eligible for this type of implant.

How Should I Prepare for My Chin Procedure?

Before your scheduled appointment, you might be required to pick up prescription medication that Dr. Dayan will advise you to take during your recovery period. In addition, you should arrange to take about seven days off from your job. Further, you might be required to adjust your supplements, avoid taking certain medications, and temporarily stop using nicotine products.

The anesthesia that you receive will also impact your preparation requirements. As a result, you might need to stop eating or drinking at a specific time during the day before your chin augmentation.

What Will My Chin Augmentation Be Like?

You will receive your chin implant during an appointment with Dr. Steven Dayan. Depending on your unique situation, he may perform your procedure at his office, in a hospital, or at a comfortable outpatient center.

Preparing for Your Implant

Before Dr. Dayan begins enhancing your jawline, you might receive sedation and local anesthesia. Sometimes, you will get general anesthesia that will allow you to be completely unconscious and relaxed during your appointment.

Beginning the Implantation Process

Once your anesthesia is working, Dr. Dayan will begin by putting very small incisions in the areas that you would like to improve. Sometimes, he will prevent you from developing visible scars by making tiny incisions in the interior of your mouth. Under some circumstances, he will make incisions into discreet locations under your chin. He will use these incisions to carefully position your implant.

Completing Your Cosmetic Procedure

After Dr. Dayan has placed your implant into your chin, he will use stitches to close up your incisions and put a special type of tape onto your chin. It will usually take him about 30 minutes to three hours to position your implant. After this process is complete, you will usually be able to have a relative, friend, or other trustworthy person bring you back to your home.

If you don't live in the Chicago area, you might decide to spend the beginning of your recovery period at a comfortable hotel. Under some circumstances, Dr. Dayan's office may be able to provide you with special rates at conveniently located luxury hotels.

Will I Have a Lengthy Recovery Period After I Get My New Implant?

You will typically have a short and easy adjustment period after you finish your chin augmentation. During this time, Dr. Steven Dayan will provide you with a special recovery care package and ask you to follow all of his post-procedure instructions.

Starting the Adjustment Process

To allow you to relax after your chin procedure is complete, Dr. Dayan may provide you with prescription medication. If you are starting your recovery period in your home, you should set up a comfortable and peaceful room where you can pamper yourself and rest. During this time, you could watch your favorite movies and television shows, listen to calming music, and read books.

After five to seven days have passed, you might be required to visit our office in Chicago so that Dr. Dayan can remove your stitches. Alternatively, these stitches may dissolve on their own. Once about seven days have gone by, you will usually be able to take off the tape that he placed on your chin.

Finishing Your Adjustment Period

You will probably feel comfortable going back to your office and doing your work assignments after about seven days. In addition, you'll usually be able to begin exercising after 14 days. To protect your new implant, you should not engage in any sports, hobbies, or other activities that could injure your face for at least one and a half months.

Will My Health Insurance Pay for Me To Augment My Chin?

Sometimes, your insurance may contribute to the cost of a chin procedure that is designed to correct a medical issue that affects this area of your face. If you are using an implant to increase the definition of your jawline or enhance the harmony of your facial features, your insurance plan is unlikely to cover your costs.

That said, you might be able to receive financing options that will help you spread out your payments. Dr. Dayan can give you more information about your payment plan when you schedule your procedure.

Will My Implant Last for a Long Time?

If you are interested in achieving lasting and noticeable changes in the appearance of your jawline, you will probably be happy with the results of this procedure. Many types of chin implants are designed to permanently improve your look.

If you receive this type of implant, your chin augmentation will probably last for the rest of your life. That said, you will need to remember that your chin and facial structure may continue to change as you age. Once Dr. Steven Dayan has chosen an implant for you, he can give you more information about the likely duration of your improvements.

Can I Use Other Cosmetic Procedures To Enhance the Benefits of My Chin Implants?

It's common to receive your chin implants in connection with other aesthetic procedures.

Getting a Rhinoplasty

If you want to improve the balance between your chin and nose, you might decide to get a rhinoplasty and a chin implant. A rhinoplasty is a scientific term for a procedure that can be used to enhance the structure and appearance of your nose. During this aesthetic procedure, Dr. Steven Dayan might change the size of your nose or improve the angle of this facial feature. He can also fix indents, bumps, and other nasal issues.

Before he enhances your nose, he will talk about the bumps and other imperfections that you would like to correct. If you have realistic goals, Dr. Dayan will usually be able to achieve your desired outcome during one cosmetic procedure. Since your rhinoplasty will permanently improve your nose, you shouldn't need to maintain the changes in your look by getting touch-up treatments or procedures.

Receiving a Facelift

Receiving a chin implant and a facelift can be a very good way to dramatically improve your look. It's typical to receive this cosmetic procedure after you turn forty. During your facelift, Dr. Dayan can fix your sagging cheeks, improve your jawline, and enhance the contours of your neckline. Since he will use advanced techniques to address these aesthetic issues, you won't develop a stretched or stiff appearance after he improves the structure of your face.

You'll receive medication that will keep you comfortable while Dr. Dayan completes your procedure. After he performs your lift, you might return to your home or spend a very short time recovering in the hospital. You will typically be able to enjoy social events with your friends after up to 14 days have passed.

Enhance Your Chin

If you have a recessed chin that is altering the balance of your facial features and causing you to feel self-conscious about your jawline and profile, don't worry. You can achieve a stronger, more attractive appearance by receiving chin implants. To learn whether you would benefit from this type of chin augmentation, you should set up an initial consultation with Impressions Face + Body in Chicago, IL.

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