Things to Know Before Getting a Chin Implant

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Are you eyeing that sharp, ‘snatched’ jawline that’s all the rage among celebrities? A chin implant might be your ticket to a more sculpted, defined profile. How do we know? Our very own Dr. Caughlin, one of the world’s (and TikTok’s, follow him at @manyfacesofchicago) most renowned facial surgeons, practices here in Chicago at Impressions Face + Body.

Understanding Chin Implant

A chin implant can be your secret to unlocking that coveted 'snatched' jawline, a look that’s become a hallmark of beauty trends on red carpets and social media feeds. By strategically enhancing your chin’s projection, this procedure sharpens your jawline and balances your facial features, mirroring the striking aesthetics favored by many today. “I like to say hot is hot. You know what's hot!” explains Dr. Caughlin. “It's that acute cervical mental angle. It's that sharpness, the contours. That's what everybody wants, which is why I'm working with a company to create a better implant. It needs to be a little more slender and a little more sharp.

The implant, tailored to your facial structure, is made from biocompatible materials and integrated seamlessly. Whether refining a softer chin or enhancing an already strong profile, the results are transformative and designed to last.

Choosing the Right Surgeon

Shopping for the right surgeon is probably the most important step to getting the look you’re after, especially for a chin implant, as it can drastically change your facial features. At Impressions Face + Body, Dr. Caughlin, a double board-certified expert, is celebrated for his precision and artistic eye. He ensures your results are stunning and uniquely suited to you.

Understanding the entire facial anatomy is key to achieving your aesthetic goals. Sometimes, a chin implant alone won't deliver the ‘wow’ factor. That's why Dr. Caughlin offers comprehensive consultations, considering multiple surgical or non-surgical treatments to create the perfect balance and harmony in your features.

The Consultation Process

This isn't just about formalities; it's a way for your surgeon to understand what you want, whether it's capturing the subtle elegance of a refined jawline or making a bold statement with a dramatic enhancement. Bring those selfies, photos of what you do and don’t like. It’s your face, after all! From there, we'll assess the implant options that best align with your unique facial structure.

This step is all about collaboration. You bring your vision, and we bring our expertise. Together, we'll craft a personalized plan that enhances your natural features and brings your profile to life. As Dr. Caughlin says, “it’s easy to make hot people hotter!”

How Should I Prepare for My Chin Procedure?

Before your scheduled appointment, you might be required to pick up prescription medication that Dr. Caughlin will advise you to take during your recovery period. You should arrange to take about seven days off from your job. You might be required to adjust your supplements, avoid taking certain medications, and temporarily stop using nicotine products.

The anesthesia you receive will also impact your preparation requirements. For example, you might need to stop eating or drinking at a specific time during the day before your chin augmentation.

What Will My Chin Augmentation Procedure Be Like?

Preparing for Your Implant

The chin implant procedure begins with preparations tailored to ensure your comfort and safety. Dr. Ben Caughlin will typically administer either local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia, depending on what best suits your needs and the specifics of the surgery.

How a Chin Implant is Done

Once you are comfortably anesthetized, the surgery will start. Dr. Caughlin will make small incisions in discreet areas—either inside the mouth or under the chin—to minimize any potential scarring. These incisions allow for precise chin implant placement.

Completing Your Cosmetic Procedure

The implantation itself takes 30 minutes to three hours. After placing the implant, the incisions are closed with sutures and covered with protective tape to support proper healing.

Post-procedure, you'll be ready to be escorted home by a friend, family member, or someone else you trust. If you're visiting from outside the Chicago area, our team can help arrange accommodations at select local hotels, providing the comfort you need as you begin the recovery process.

Will I Have a Lengthy Recovery Period After I Get My New Implant?

After your chin augmentation procedure, you will typically have a short and easy adjustment period. During this time, your surgeon and the Impressions Face + Body team will provide you with a chin implant recovery care package and ask you to follow all post-procedure instructions.

Starting the Adjustment Process

Dr. Caughlin may prescribe medication to help you relax after your chin procedure. If you are starting your recovery period in your home, you should set up a comfortable and peaceful room where you can pamper yourself and rest.

After five to seven days have passed, you might be required to visit our office in Chicago so that your surgeon can remove your stitches. Alternatively, these stitches may dissolve on their own. Once about seven days have passed, you can usually take off the tape placed on your chin.

Finishing Your Adjustment Period

After seven days, you will likely feel comfortable returning to your office and doing your work assignments. At this point, you'll usually be able to begin exercising after 14 days. To protect your new implant, you should not engage in any sports, hobbies, or other activities that could injure your face for at least one and a half months.

Long-Term Maintenance

As you heal, it's important to adhere to the specific care instructions provided by your surgeon. This might include managing swelling with cold compresses, taking prescribed medications, and avoiding strenuous activities that could impact your recovery. A long-term, healthy lifestyle and skin care regimen can help maintain the aesthetic results of your surgery. Regular check-ins with your surgeon can also help address any changes over time, ensuring your enhanced profile remains as intended.

Can I Use Other Cosmetic Procedures To Enhance the Benefits of My Chin Implants?

Absolutely! Pairing chin implants with other aesthetic procedures is common to achieve a harmonious and balanced look.

Getting a Rhinoplasty

If you want to improve the balance between your chin and nose, you might decide to get a rhinoplasty and a chin implant. During this procedure, your surgeon might change the size of your nose or improve the angle of this facial feature. He can also fix indents, bumps, and other nasal issues.

Before enhancing your nose, they will discuss the bumps and other imperfections that you would like to correct. If you have realistic goals, Dr. Caughlin will usually be able to achieve your desired outcome during one cosmetic procedure. Since your rhinoplasty will permanently improve your nose, you shouldn't need to maintain the changes in your look by getting touch-up treatments or procedures.

Receiving a Facelift

Combining a chin implant and a facelift can dramatically improve your look. During your facelift, Dr. Caughlin can fix your sagging cheeks, improve your jawline, and enhance the contours of your neckline. Since he will use advanced techniques to address these aesthetic issues, you won't develop a stretched or stiff appearance after he improves the structure of your face. 

How About Buccal Fat Removal? 

If you're aiming for a more sculpted look, buccal fat removal can be a game-changer. As an expert in buccal fat removal (seriously, he’s Dr. Buccal Fat) Dr. Cauglin can help slim down your cheeks to enhance your facial contours. This procedure works wonderfully with chin implants to give you a more defined, chiseled appearance. He can highlight your cheekbones by removing excess fat from your cheeks, and create a striking, balanced profile.

Enhance Your Chin

If your recessed chin is altering the balance of your facial features and making you feel self-conscious about your jawline and profile, don't worry. Chin implants can help you achieve a stronger, more attractive appearance. To learn whether you would benefit from this type of chin augmentation, set up an initial consultation with Impressions Face + Body.

Chin Implant FAQs

Will My Implant Last for a Long Time?

If you are interested in achieving lasting and noticeable changes in the appearance of your jawline, you will probably be happy with the results of this procedure. Many types of chin implants are designed to permanently improve your look.

If you receive this type of implant, your chin augmentation will probably last for the rest of your life. That said, you will need to remember that your chin and facial structure may continue to change as you age. Once your surgeon has chosen an implant for you, they can give you more information about the likely duration of your improvements.

Will My Health Insurance Pay for Me To Augment My Chin?

Sometimes, your insurance may contribute to the cost of a chin procedure designed to correct a medical issue that affects this area of your face. However, if you are using an implant to increase the definition of your jawline or enhance the harmony of your facial features, your insurance plan is unlikely to cover your costs.

That said, you might be able to receive financing options that will help you spread out your payments. Our team can give you more information about your payment plan when you schedule your procedure.

Can a Chin Implant Help With a Double Chin? 

Wondering if a chin implant can tackle that double chin? The short answer is yes, but there’s more to the story. A chin implant can improve the projection of your chin, which in turn can enhance the overall contour of your jawline and neck. However, if you have excess fat or loose skin contributing to a double chin, we might need to combine the chin implant with other procedures for the best results.

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