The Effects of Chewing Gum and a Solution

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Does chewing gum help jawline | chewing gum jawline results & transformation

As many are aware, when working any muscle frequently enough, whether your biceps or your calves, they will tend to grow and shape themselves accordingly. This is no different with your jaw muscles, specifically the masseter which is the major contributor to chewing. So, does chewing gum help jawline transform in a good way? A chronic gum-chewer’s jawline can become larger and aesthetically unpleasing through time. Although some believe extensive use of the jaw can burn calories and make the face look thinner, this is not true. The muscles being used and shape a face to have a larger, more square jawline.

Does chewing gum help jawline? Even though a strong jawline may be acceptable for a man, it may be undesired for a woman, making her face appear less feminine or too wide. Although gum chewers may exercise the masseter muscle more, some women can hereditarily have more square jawlines. A revolutionary procedure can now help reduce a person’s masseter muscles, not by surgery but, by Botox (r). Botox(r) injections into the masseters is a procedure that helps reduce the size of a jawline without incisions, swelling, or serious downtime. It can take a patient only as much time as a lunch break or less to receive treatment and be on their way.

The injections start to affect the masseter muscle approximately 3 days after injection. The decrease of the size of the muscle may be noticeable as early as a couple of weeks after injection. Within a few weeks the muscle will be noticeably softer and smaller and a in few more weeks you will see the jawline has noticeably reduced in size. A patient will typically receive a second treatment within a few months to continue the effects. While the muscle is in a more relaxed state, the intensity with which the patient grinds their back teeth will actually decrease, preventing muscle enlargement without impairment to chewing functions. Now that we have answered your question, about “does chewing help jawline?”.  If you still feel uneasy about the way your jawline look or feel. You might want to consider having a consultation today.

In very rare cases, the procedure has caused slight pain along the jawline, but this is an unlikely occurrence. For an alternative to a rather painful and serious jawline surgery, Botox(r) is a wonderful advancement to consider. As always, you will want to schedule a consultation before taking any drastic steps.

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