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As Valentine’s Day approaches we begin to think about how to create quality time with our partners (whether it’s watching the Super Bowl or a day at the spa.). While incorporating your partner into your beauty routine may seem like an unexpected twist, Impressions Face + Body (previously "True Skin Care Center") has many male clients who need relaxation, too.  Consider bringing him along with you to the spa for some pampering. Not exclusive to our office, there are an increasing number of men in the urban Chicagoland area that are embracing more sophisticated grooming habits.

#1 Hair Removal and Lightening for Men

One of the most popular esthetic treatments for men is laser hair removal.  Lightening or removing hair from the back, beard and chest is becoming increasingly popular. Guys no longer have to look like teddy bears at the beach or scream Kelly Clarkson’s name as hair is ripped from the follicles.  In fact, one of the primary issues for which men seek treatment is ingrown hairs.  Laser hair removal is a no-brainer solution for this issue.  Lightening (instead of waxing) or reducing the hair with a more permanent solution such as Laser Hair Removal from problem areas will prevent ingrown hairs from forming.

#2 Peels for In-Grown Hair and Skin

Salicylic acid peels staggered appropriately in between a series of laser hair removal treatments will help to lighten the hair and treat the buildup of oil, dead skin, and dirt around the hair in the follicle.  Not to mention, men often attack their grooming needs with more aggressive approach. Thus, our male clientele often love it when they can feel something working, not only seeing the results.  A salicylic peel usually creates a great amount of sensation.

#3 Treating Congested Pores

Many of our male patients also visit us for heavy pore congestion.  A deep exfoliation and a thorough, long session of extractions is one great solution for this popular frustration, but fighting congestion is a daily battle.  I always advise my clients to get themselves a Clarisonic to maintain the results they’ll get from in-office treatments.  It’s the face version of an electric tooth brush.  The oscillations loosen congestion and clears away dead skin build up leaving the skin clean and the pores appearing smaller.  Again, this is something you can feel is working as well as see that its working.

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