Do They Break Your Nose for a Nose Job?

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Are you unsatisfied with the size or shape of your nose? Do cosmetic imperfections distract from the rest of your profile or face? If so, you may be a candidate for a transformative nose job at Steven H Dayan, MD in Chicago, IL. There are many reasons to get a nose job, and our professional team is ready to help you achieve your ideal image.


Do They Break Your Nose for a Nose Job?

Many patients have the misconception that our doctor will break their nose during surgery to achieve their desired angle or shape. In the vast majority of cases, there is no need to break your nasal bone. Instead, our doctor uses special surgical tools to cut the bone, especially at the bridge of the nose where humps may appear.

In some extreme cases, more extensive changes to the bone may be necessary. However, this will never involve our doctor forcibly breaking your nose during your procedure. During an initial consultation, our doctor will explain the exact surgical methods he will use to achieve your ideal image.

What Are Some Reasons to Get a Nose Job?

A nose job, which is called a rhinoplasty in the medical world, is the longest-lasting solution to cosmetic concerns in the size, structure, or shape of the nose. This procedure can help correct functional concerns and can be used to make small or major changes to your nose, depending on your ideal image and health concerns.

There are a variety of reasons to get a nose job, but some of the most common are:

  • Correcting bumps along the bridge of the nose
  • Changing the slope of the nose
  • Changing the overall size of the nose
  • Changing the nasal tip, including correcting hooked or upturned tips
  • Altering nostril size and shape
  • Making changes to the interior nasal passages
  • Achieve a more balanced, symmetrical exterior appearance
  • Correcting imperfections caused by past injuries or surgeries

A typical rhinoplasty performed by an experienced surgeon is considered a trusted and effective way to transform your appearance. Depending on your areas of concern, your procedure could take just 1-2 hours to complete. After a brief recovery period, you can enjoy your new nose permanently, making this procedure the obvious choice for many patients seeking long-lasting cosmetic change.

What Types of Nose Jobs Are Available?

Open Rhinoplasty

The open rhinoplasty involves making strategic incisions at the nostrils to open the nose and access the interior structure. You may be a candidate for an open rhinoplasty if you wish to correct a deviated septum, major injury, or other structural imperfection.

Closed Rhinoplasty

Closed rhinoplasty is more common due to its less invasive nature. In this procedure, all incisions are made inside the nose. Most cosmetic concerns, including nose size and shape, can be effectively addressed with this method.

If your reasons to get a nose job include adjustments to the bridge and tip of your nose, it's likely that our doctor will recommend this procedure.

Can You Correct a Previous Nose Job?

Some patients are unhappy with the results of a previous rhinoplasty. Unfortunately, this is usually because their surgeon showed a lack of experience or skill in performing this delicate procedure. A botched nose job can severely impact your confidence, and many patients are desperate to correct this issue as quickly as possible.

Revising a previous rhinoplasty is high on the list of reasons to get a nose job due to the cosmetic problems it can create or compound, However, it is challenging to undo another surgeon's work. In addition, scar tissue may accumulate in the target area, making it even more difficult to safely correct past surgery.

Our doctor is skilled in correcting a variety of cosmetic concerns inside and outside the nose, including revision rhinoplasties. During an initial consultation, he will carefully evaluate your unique situation to determine the best treatment option for you.

Are There Non-Surgical Alternatives to a Nose Job?

Some patients may be interested in altering their nose shape but be unwilling or unable to pursue surgery. While a nose job is the most permanent and effective way to change your nose, there are alternatives to this procedure that may be appropriate for some patients. One of the most popular options is dermal fillers, which can adjust small cosmetic imperfections without surgery or downtime.

Dermal fillers are typically comprised of a hyaluronic acid base, which helps fill and lift the skin. These fillers can be injected into multiple areas of the face and are often used to correct signs of aging. However, our team can use dermal fillers to make subtle adjustments to the shape of your nose. This may include filling dips, changing the shape or angle of your nasal tip, or adding volume in various areas.

If you're interested in a nose job but aren't ready to commit to surgery, our doctor can use a dermal filler to achieve a non-permanent transformation that will allow you to see how surgery may change the appearance of your nose. Dermal fillers safely dissolve after 6-12 months, after which point you could choose to continue this short-term treatment or pursue surgery.

Am I an Ideal Candidate?

If you're an adult man or woman who wants to change the appearance of your nose or address structural issues, you could be a perfect candidate for this surgery. The reasons to get a nose job are diverse, and we recommend that anyone who is unsatisfied with their nose's appearance take advantage of a consultation with our doctor to determine their candidacy for this procedure.

Patients pursuing surgery should be in good health and free from any medical conditions that may disqualify them from using general anesthesia or undergoing this short procedure. In addition, they should have realistic expectations regarding the results that can be achieved with this surgery. They should also be able to take 1-2 weeks off work to allow for adequate recovery time.

What Should I Expect?

When you choose our professional practice to help you meet your cosmetic goals, you can expect to receive the full support of our dedicated staff throughout your treatment process. Each patient's experience is unique, but here is a general idea of what you can look forward to when you pursue a nose job:


Your first appointment will be with one of our talented doctors to discuss your goals for treatment. During this consultation, our doctor will examine your nose, review your medical history, and ask you about your desired cosmetic changes. Based on this evaluation, they will determine whether this procedure is right for you.

If you're approved for a nose job, our doctor will take a before picture of your profile to compare to your final results. He will also explain the specific surgical changes that will be made during surgery and whether you will receive an open or closed rhinoplasty. Once your consultation is complete, you can schedule your procedure date and begin preparing for surgery by following our doctor's specific instructions.


Since rhinoplasty is an invasive procedure, you will need to prepare carefully to ensure optimal results. Our doctor will oversee your preparation and will give you additional instructions based on your specific circumstances and health conditions. In general, you should stop taking blood-thinning medications, herbal remedies, and supplements 3-4 weeks before your surgery.

You should also plan to stop smoking at least 1 month before and after surgery to promote a healthy recovery process. If you're interested in stopping smoking to preserve your long-term health, our doctor can give you resources to help you quit. Approximately 48 hours before surgery, you must stop drinking alcohol. You may also need to stop eating and drinking 12 hours before your surgery start time.

We recommend that you make your recovery process as simple as possible by filling prescriptions, paying bills, and arranging childcare and petcare before your surgery. You will need to remain at home and rest for several days after your procedure, so you may want to have options for entertainment available to keep you busy. Finally, you will need a friend or family member to drive you to your surgery and remain with you for 24 hours afterward.


On the day of your surgery, we recommend wearing comfortable, casual clothing. Our doctor will be available to answer any questions you may have before the procedure begins. You will be given general anesthesia and remain asleep for the entire procedure process. Our doctor will make the predetermined incisions to access your areas of concern and change the overall appearance of your nose.

Your surgery should take between 1-2 hours in total. As you wake up, you will be closely monitored by our team. Once our doctor is satisfied with your recovery progress, he will provide you with aftercare instructions and release you to return home.


For the first 4-5 days, we recommend that you rest at home. You should not drive for at least 1 week after surgery, and you should not perform any strenuous activities for 6 weeks. Short walks are recommended to promote healthy blood flow, and you should try to sleep sitting upright or on your back for the first several nights.

Our doctor will remove your dressing and any stitches during the recovery process. As he monitors your progress, he will tell you when you can return to driving, work, and other regular activities. He will also let you know when you can begin taking your regular medications. A normal recovery lasts 6-8 weeks, after which point your nose should be mostly healed.


After 4-8 weeks, you should be able to see the new shape and size of your nose after it recovers. Your areas of concern should be significantly improved, and you may notice that your nose is more proportional to your face and that your profile is more balanced. If you had structural changes made to your nasal passages, your breathing should also be noticeably improved.

One of the reasons to get a nose job is that once your surgery is complete, your results are permanent! This means that you can enjoy your new nose for the foreseeable future without any need for follow-ups or touch-up appointments. Over time, our doctor can recommend cosmetic treatments that may enhance your final results and prevent signs of aging, but your nose size and shape will remain the same.

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