Botox Brows?

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We've noticed that Halle Berry occasionally has very arched eyebrows, and they typically are very symmetrical. We all know that Halle Berry has flawless skin and no wrinkles, which could be heredity or Botox enhanced. However, many people don't know that Botox can also elevate the brows and create a more symmetrical appearance. We call this a Temporal Brow Lift.

Botox will relax the muscle that causes brows to droop. To even brows that are asymmetrical, an expert injector with an artistic eye such as Dr. Dayan or our Injection Specialist Michelle can treat using varying units of Botox to create symmetry. Incorrect placement of product, not enough, or too much can cause an undesired effect. Don't forget, along with Botox a brow shapeis corrected depending on the person's existing brow growth and the shape of their eye and face.

Eyebrows frame the eyes, the most dominant facial feature, so their impact on our look is great. An elevated arch can make the eyes appear more inviting and youthful. To accompany a brow enhancement, consider eye brightening make up and highlighting techniques for the bone under the brow.

While there's no way to tell if the beautiful celebrity occasionally receives help from an injection, we wouldn't be surprised if she joined her peers Cindy Crawford and Kim Cattrall who publicly admit to enjoying the benefits of Botox.


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